Notes when upgrading egeoffrey-gateway to v1.1

  • If upgrading from egeoffrey-gateway or egeoffrey-bridge v1.0 to v1.1, there are a few manual steps to go through to complete the upgrade process. Due to an issue preventing the gateway data directory to be mounted even if configured correctly, a few changes in the configuration files have been made which could not be automated through the upgrade script. For this reason, after upgrading the package with egeoffrey-cli upgrade, please do the following:

    • Open your the docker-compose.yml file in the eGeoffrey installation directory and in the egeoffrey-gateway/egeoffrey-bridge section change the mapped volumes from:
      - ./data/gateway/config:/gateway/config
      - ./data/gateway/data:/gateway/data
      - ./data/gateway/logs:/gateway/logs
      - ./data/gateway/config:/mosquitto/config
      - ./data/gateway/data:/mosquitto/data
      - ./data/gateway/logs:/mosquitto/logs
    • Open the data/gateway/config/mosquitto.conf file and replace every instance of /gateway/ (or /bridge/) with /mosquitto/

    In this way (regardless if it is a gateway or a bridge), the mosquitto directory will be mapped and used by the package.
    No need to take any action when installing from scratch of course.

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