Farm iOT Project

  • Hello,
    I want to use eGeoffrey for my iOT farm project. Is it a suitable one?

    I have used Tasmota+Several Sensors(Soil moisture, Humidity+Temp, Pressure sensor, Flow sensors, EC/PH...). Currently I have 1 sensor gateway(Tasmota+ESP32) for a greenhouse and a relay gateway for each gateway(Tasmota+ESP32).

    What I need are:

    1. A controller which can set scheduling to turn on/off water valve
    2. Communicate with gateway via MQTT and/or HTTP request
    3. Develop my own rule. Ex. water more frequently if the tempeqrature is high or soil moisture eis low

  • @ou_sokchamroeun Hi and welcome to the forum!

    Definitely eGeoffrey can to what you have listed here! First of all eGeoffrey needs to communicate with your sensors and actuators but if it is through MQTT, this will be out of the box by using a module called egeoffrey-service-mqtt. There are other projects here in and in the "How To" section which were based on the same mechanism.

    Once communication is in place, eGeoffrey can both receive data from your sensors and control them based on the rule you want configure (e.g.

    Let me know if you need any help.

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