Minor Update: egeoffrey-gui v1.3-15

  • A bunch of minor but interesting fixes and enhancements regarding v1.3-15 of the eGeoffrey GUI:

    • Fixed "Sensors" and "Rules" pages extremely slow to load with many items - now from almost a minute down to a few seconds
    • Fixed Widget Wizard slow to load due to the building of the sensors dropdown when there are too many sensors - now from almost a minute down to a few seconds
    • Added (optional) icons for rules
    • When cloning a sensor or a rule, the newly created object is now saved in a disabled status to prevent any conflict
    • Fixed Feed and Notification widgets not updating in realtime

    As always, to update the package, just run sudo egeoffrey-cli update egeoffrey-gui and then sudo egeoffrey-cli start

    PS. @eporocrail a bunch of those are coming from you 🙂

  • I just now did the move to version 1.3-16.

    Speed enhancement is very noticeable!

  • @eporocrail thanks! Yes, simple but effective fix, just preventing the browser to refresh the table at every item but going with a lazy loading approach has given a nice boost 🙂

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