Weird reaction on reception of remote control key code

  • @user2684

    I am trying to have eGeoffrey react on the reception of remote control key code.

    My software sends "52". The eGeoffrey sensor receives "52". Running the rule the DB returns "52.0". In the rule I can not create a constant with the value "52.0". That is reverted to "52".

    2020-11-20 11:12:34][controller/alerter] DEBUG: [remote/52][_default_] running rule
    [2020-11-20 11:12:34][controller/alerter] DEBUG: Created session 655293945 -> {'macro': u'_default_', 'variable_id': u'remote', 'rule_id': u'remote/52'}
    [2020-11-20 11:12:34][controller/alerter] DEBUG: [remote/52][_default_][remote] requesting db for GET remote: {'start': -1, 'end': -1}
    [2020-11-20 11:12:34][controller/hub] INFO: [2020-11-20 11:12:34] [remote] "remote control": 52
    [2020-11-20 11:12:34][controller/alerter] DEBUG: [remote/52][_default_] received from db remote: [52.0]
    [2020-11-20 11:12:34][controller/alerter] DEBUG: [remote/52][_default_] evaluating condition remote ([52.0]) = red (52): False
    [2020-11-20 11:12:34][controller/alerter] DEBUG: [remote/52][_default_] AND block evaluates to False
    [2020-11-20 11:12:34][controller/alerter] DEBUG: [remote/52][_default_] rule evaluates to False

    Your advice please.

  • @user2684

    I have noticed before that when eGeoffrey receives remote control codes always ".0" is appended. But until now it was not an issue because eGeoffrey received and passed the data through to my modules. In my software I could handle this.

    Now it is an issue because I can not deal with it in eGeoffrey.

    Hope you can solve this issue.


  • Theoretically, if the sensor is set to format "int" (not float), the number is rounded to an integer and is kept as such. Does you sensor "remote" have format set to "int"?

  • @user2684

    I checked again and double checked.
    Data format of the sensor is "integer". Receiving integer forwarding integer with ".0" appended.


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