Problem: Mongo-DB

  • Hello,

    mongodb seems to be buggy

    Pulling egeoffrey-database-mongodb (egeoffrey/egeoffrey-database-mongodb:master-arm32v6)...
    ERROR: manifest for egeoffrey/egeoffrey-database-mongodb:master-arm32v6 not found: manifest unknown: manifest unknown


  • Hi, mongodb support is still experimental and available for amd64 architecture only at this time. Generally speaking this is intended for a scenario in which someone is willing to host dozens of houses and having everything in memory (like redis does) would not scale. For standard, on-prem installation the egeoffrey-database (based on redis) is and will always be the preferred choice (so to avoid stressing the raspberry SD card with too many reads).

  • Just to let you know MongoDB support is now officially available and supported by egeoffrey-controller starting from v1.1. controller/db configuration file is automatically upgraded to allow choosing the database type.

    However, this is still intended for a complex ISP scenario when hosting multiple houses and redis approach to keep everything in memory would come with a high cost. For this reason the package egeoffrey-database-mongodb is available for amd64 architectures only but no customisations have been made in mongo so any local installation would do the job if for some reason required on a different architecture.

    For a standalone, raspberrypi-based installation, redis (e.g. egeoffrey-database) is and will be the way to go. Just to share a data point, in my local deployment with 180 sensors configured, the database size (and hence memory utilization) is still below 40 Megabytes and I'm retaining 3+ years of data.

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