Streamlined Devel & Build Process

  • To fully embrace the DevOps philosophy, the development and building process for eGeoffrey packages has been dramatically simplified and enhanced.

    Up to now, eGeoffrey's developers were responsible for building Docker images for multiple CPU architectures. This was error-prone, required computational power and an environment capable of building for both amd64 and arm architectures.

    With egeoffrey-cli v1.0-36, the CD/CI pipeline is automatically built for you at every commit of your code. Every time you run a egeoffrey-cli commit "<comment>" this will automatically:

    • Commit the chances to the local repository
    • Push the new code to the remote repository on GitHub
    • Trigger a GitHub Action (NEW) which will:
      • Test your eGeoffrey module code
      • Package it in a Docker image for multiple CPU architectures
      • Publish the images to your Dockerhub account for distribution

    In addition, the Developer Portal available at has been almost completely re-organized and re-written to provide a step-by-step instructions on how to extend eGeoffrey and contribute with custom functionalities, including information on how to configure the automatic building process described above.


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