Schedule synchronisation

  • @user2684

    I am now checking the behaviour of arming the system via the schedule.

    Activation is working but synchronisation is not clear to me.


    As you can see in the schedule the arming period is from 8.30 until 8.45.

    In the top right corner you can seen the time: 8.52.

    How can I sync the two?

    Your advice please.

  • @user2684

    Problem solved!

    It was good to perform a test. I had a mistake in my rule what caused me to look at the wrong place. The log revealed that arming and un-arming had occurred according to schedule.

    The one thing that put me on the wrong track is that the width of the blue ribbon in the schedule at a period of a quarter of an hour has no relation to the small period, although this is the case for longer periods.

  • Understood! Yes, noticed something similar as well 🙂

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