• @user2684

    I would like to grab the date and time of the event that sensor data entered eGeoffrey. I want to display the arrival time of a message sent by an external sensor.

    I have looked into the documentation but I did not find anything into this direction.

    Your advice please.

  • Is it like the timestamp of an event? Can the elapsed time showing up just below e.g. a value widget not working with what you have in mind? thanks

  • @user2684
    What I am aiming for is that when a sensor message arrives the time of arrival is displayed with a widget.

    I would like to use this facility to do several power supply tests.
    As long as power supply is OK the time display is kept up to date. As soon as the power supply is not there any more, the time of the last message is preserved.

    This way I do have a way to see how long a certain battery type is able to power a certain module with a certain load.

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