Mysensors suppor of multiple gateways

  • Hello,

    is it possible to run several Mysensors services at the same time? How to config, say two TCP gateways and one serial?

    Thanks in advance

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  • Hi, it is possible indeed, you need to set an "alias" to the module name when listing it in the EGEOFFREY_MODULES variable. If you open up your docker-compose.yml file you will see something like:


    If you want to create multiple independent instances change it to e.g.:


    In this way you will have service/mysensors_serial1 and service/mysensors_serial2 with independent configuration files (clone your existing config into config/service/mysensors_serial_1.1.yml and config/service/mysensors_serial_2.1.yml).
    Let me know if you need additional details of course.

    Thanks for the reporting the issue with general discussion, fixed it.

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