DB not purged?

  • @user2684

    I got the feeling that after deleting menu items, the database is not purged. Every now and than items pop-up again although
    being deleted.

    Especially the example menu-items while the .env file entry is valid.

    But it is not restricted to the example items.

  • @user2684

    I tried to delete a page I created in the past. I can not have it deleted permanently.

  • Only sensors' data is stored in the database, the configuration instead is in text files. We need to understand if the configuration file is still there and if not, it could be still in the message bus for unknown reasons. A couple of things to test:

    • Go in the advanced editor in the GUI and check if you still see the menu item
    • Go on the filesystem and check if the menu item is somewhere in "data/egeoffrey/config/gui/menu"

    If not and still showing up there is a process to clean up entirely the "pinned" configuration in the message bus I can share with you.

  • @user2684

    The example related menu items and a page I tried to delete are still visible with the advanced manager.
    On the file system they are also available.

    What should I do next?

  • @user2684

    I deleted with advanced editor. Seems to be effective. If the deleted stuff pops up again, I'll inform you.

  • ok so the issue was with the delete action from the gui. I'd be interested when deleting what showed up in the logs, if a delete successful or an error but nevermind for now, if will happen again then could be something to look at. Thanks

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