egeoffrey-gui v1.3 released

  • Tons of enhancements and bug fixes for new release of egeoffrey-gui (v1.3):

    • Brand new menu structure for the Welcome page. There is now a group with individual pages including a getting started page, notifications, chatbot, incoming feed of data
    • Almost all pages under House and eGeoffrey have now a short description on top and a link to the documentation.
    • Users/Groups have now a dedicated entry under "House"
    • Added new entries under "House" for Pages and Menu for managing the web interface layout (emoved "Edit Menu" and "New Page" buttons from individual pages)
    • Added ability to rename sensors (requires egeoffrey-controller v1.3 to also rename the sensor into the database), rules, pages, menu items
    • Wherever an icon has to be selected, a searchable dropdown showing a preview of all the icons is presented
    • Wherever a colour has to be selected, a dropdown is presented
    • Wherever a sensor has to be selected, a dropdown with available sensors is presented
    • Completely redesigned the login workflow now checking if the house is configured and the backend is reachable before confirming the connection
    • Removed checkbox for live feed in the top-right toolbar (moved in the gui configuration)
    • When a widget has no title (empty or just a space), the entire blue box is not shown
    • Decreased widgets padding so more text can fit in the widget
    • When adding a user, the icon is no more mandatory
    • Added contextual help in the login form
    • For Input widget, if the backend sensor is configured with float two decimals, a double decimal is shown
    • For Status widget, it is now possible to customize both ON/OFF colours, icons and text
    • For Input widget, it is now possible to configure an allowed range of values
    • For Control widget, it is now possible to customize ON/OFF icons and colours
    • Examples are presented grouped together and outside the user defined pages.
    • Examples belonging to a specific package can be deleted with a new action available in "eGeoffrey / Packages"
    • What was called "section" in the menu has been rephrased as "folder". The menu entry House/Settings has been renamed into "Setup". The "MY HOUSE" menu section has been renamed into "MY PLACE"
    • When editing/saving a page/menu a waiting popup is shown until the page is fully loaded
    • Added new gui settings for keeping the sidebar collapsed for full-width pages and for Live Feed to show notifications for every new measure coming from sensors
    • Fixed when elapsed timestamp is from another sensor that was not updated when that sensor is updated
    • Fixed current page not loaded upon refresh for guest users
    • Allowed characters are checked for identifiers

    Go and grab the latest version by running sudo egeoffrey-cli update egeoffrey-gui

    Many many thanks to @eporocrail for all the testing and the good advices!

  • Also the eGeoffrey Android app ( has been just updated with the latest GUI changes listed above.

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