Updates for egeoffrey-service-mqtt and egeoffrey-service-zigbee2mqtt

  • Better support to JSON input/output for egeoffrey-service-mqtt and egeoffrey-service-zigbee2mqtt.

    With v1.0-15, for "push" sensors associated with service/mqtt, there is now the option to specify a key of a JSON payload from where the measure has to be extracted, instead of taking the entire raw payload. Optional filters can also be set to filter in based on conditions of other elements of the JSON data structure. This capability gives users more flexibility when ingesting JSON-structured data allowing to extract from there only the information needed.
    Additionally, for sensors configured as "actuators" there is both the option to send a JSON payload with the value set into a configured attribute as well as sending a custom payload based on a configured template, with a placeholder replaced with the actual value, allowing to structure the data in the way the underlying device is expecting.

    With v1.0-5 of service/zigbee2mqtt there is a similar capability for "actuators", e.g. to provide a template for formatting the output since there are target devices supported by zigbee2mqtt which are expecting an input with multiple JSON keys or with a nested structure.

    As always, those packages can be installed or updated by using egeoffrey-cli utility

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