Timeline widget

  • @user2684

    I tried to change the date settings on the time line display. The "From" date is immediately reverted back (made equal to the "To" date).

    Also the "Zoom" can not be changed.

    Your advice please.

  • I believe this happens when you don't have enough data in the timeline to apply the date filter/zoom since to me it is working just fine. Is it the case?

  • @user2684
    For the zoom that might apply. For the date it should work because there are now several days of data.

  • @user2684

    The timeline widget is displaying quite nice. The only point is that retrieving of historical data does not work at all in my case.
    Even going back 1 day is not working. The fields "From" and "To" do not accept any change. They revert back to the default.

    The other selections are greyed out, but that might be caused by lack of data or missing data of an intermediate period.

    Your action please.

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