"Play-back" option

  • @user2684

    I have made mistakes which were hard to find. Especially with long topic strings.
    I developed test tools to detect this kind of mistake.

    Maybe it would be helpful if it was possible to extract from eGeoffrey only those files/information which would be needed to "play-back" the same "environment" without the specific credentials like passwords and SSID.

    Even if this would not lead to a fully working system somebody else would than have the possibility to copy and paste what would be required to have the same "debugging" possibilities.

  • Do you mean sensors/rules/pages and so on? like a content pack?

  • @user2684

    Yes, it could help other people doing the same kind of things.
    And secondly it would facilitate users having problems solved by other users.

  • I see. The functionality actually is there even if documented in the developer portal only. The idea would be developers can create packages like the one you download from the marketplace providing functionalities, contents or both (e.g. the examples menu). So if a user install a package containing only contents (sensors, rules, pages, etc.), it will not see any new module running but just a bunch of new sensors and pages showing up which is what you have in mind I guess.
    I will be very happy to guide through the process once ready if you want.

  • @user2684

    When the weather station is up and running I will for sure come back on it.

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