Input box looks weird

  • I created a widget with an input box.
    It showed up with everything correctly but without the input field.
    With eGeoffrey everything turned out to be OK.
    After spending quite some time I found the cause of this issue.
    In the rather long name of the sensor which was connected to the widget there was an "e" missing.

    So when an input box seems to behave weird: check the sensor you connected the widget to.

  • @eporocrail correct, and this applies also to e.g. value widgets, if the sensor pointed to is wrong, shows up blank, otherwise if exists and the value is empty, shows up with a "N.A" text. Generally speaking there are plenty of sanity checks the UI is not doing at this time and have to be improved.

  • @user2684

    No problem and well understood.
    My remark is meant to help other users when surprised by "weird" behaviour.

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