Back-up issue

  • @user2684

    I perform back-up by downloading using Filezilla.
    I get the following error message:

    Command:	get "mosquitto.db" "/Users/ellard/DATA/eGeoffrey/Backup/BU4/egeoffrey/data/gateway/data/mosquitto.db"
    Error:        	/home/pi/egeoffrey/data/gateway/data/mosquitto.db: open for read: permission denied
    Error:        	File transfer failed

    Is this ok or is it indeed something unexpected?

    All other files downloaded correctly. This one always produces this error.

  • Not surprised about this error and thanks, will help me in the documentation to clarify the point. Thing is since every piece of eGeoffrey runs in its own containers, files can belong to different users. You need root permissions for reading/manipulating all the files. Or probably better, do a tar and copy out the tar.gz file only

  • @user2684

    I'l look into tarring.

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