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    Did a new install. Followed your advice to get rid of the "example stuff". It works. Everything is gone, also after stop, start.

  • @eporocrail let me pick your brain on this topic since I'm struggling to find a solution which is effective but does not require too much refactoring. A few constraints first:

    • Examples are like any other configuration files, every time a module starts or restarts, if there is any embedded configuration file including an example, this is added to the manifest and pushed to the gateway. On the other side, controller/config receives the manifests and for every configuration file which does not exist, creates it. This means I don't have control over the first part (unless changing the SDK but not worth of it) but I can play with controller/config in case
    • There is no real uninstallation process to potentially use to delete deployed examples since when you run egeoffrey-cli uninstall, it just prevents the service from running, there is no interaction with the running components.

    Given the constraints above I am evaluating the following approach:

    • Examples are placed in a special folder so in the GUI I can distinguish them and place under a dedicated section, not under my house which is left to the user. Makes more sense in this way from your point of view?
    • Examples could be read only since everything can be cloned now
    • For deleting all the deployed contents (not only pages but also sensors, rules, etc) the only way I found is adding a specific action in the GUI under eGeoffrey / Packages to delete examples for each package the user can trigger. However, if the module is restarted, the contents will be deployed again. Also, the user should remember to click on this option before uninstalling the package which is a bit cumbersome
    • Alternatively I can prevent examples to be deployed by default and having instead an option for installing them through eGeoffrey / Packages. But for a new users, this would require too many steps to have access to basic examples which are I think important for new starters.

    Any thoughts on this?

  • @user2684
    At the moment I am working with 50 sensors. That was the reason I wanted to get rid of stuff not relevant for me anymore.

    As you put it I would do the three things you propose together:
    place the examples read only in a specific folder outside the user environment and create a specific action to delete all example stuff.

    To me it is not clear why it needs deleted before uninstalling a package.
    Even when the user forgets it there is always the way via the advanced editor to remove unwanted remnants.

  • @user2684
    Some afterthoughts. When things are "read only" deleting might be a problem.
    Besides that maybe there is something you could do with adding the instruction to prevent the examples being created to the configuration file of the I think controller. I do not know if you could do that in a script or not. Otherwise you could incorporate that in the text you have to create to explain the topic.
    I think that people who want to get rid of examples are knowledgeable enough to use the advanced editor.

  • @user2684

    I meant :

    Try adding in the .env file the following and restart eGeoffrey (😞

    Remember this will be overwritten if setup is run again. Once restarted you can delete the examples and they will never show up again.

  • Thanks for the feedback so to summarize:

    • Examples will be placed in a dedicated area, not mixed with user defined pages
    • If possible will be made read-only (by read-only I mean user cannot change the content but can of course delete the files)
    • Examples, like any other content can be deleted individually (no more the need to use the advanced editor since any content can now be deleted outside it)
    • There will be the way to delete all examples (pages, sensors, etc.) belonging to a given package from "eGeoffrey / Packages". Of course those will be recreated if the package is restarted. Once a package is uninstalled, examples cannot be deleted any more with this method (since the package will not show up anymore in the gui). Still can be deleted individually
    • egeoffrey-cli capable of setting advanced parameter in the .env file without the user to open it so to allow the user to set EGEOFFREY_CONFIG_ACCEPT_DEFAULTS
    • Documentation to be updated accordingly

    Sounds reasonable?

  • @user2684

    I think no wish left.

  • This is now addressed in v1.3-7 (development). I ended up with the following:

    • Examples are no more under MY PLACE but are located just under the welcome menu folder (creating a independent section for the examples below the user pages as originally planned revealed a bit confusing - examples for new user should be before custom contents - and would have created some compatibility issues - existing packages already have examples and many changes would be needed).
    • Examples pages cannot be edited and renamed. Users are supposed to clone the pages if needed (for now I'm ok sensors and rules can be changed)
    • All examples (sensors/rules/pages/etc) brought by a package can be deleted from "eGeoffrey / Packages" with the action "Delete Examples". Of course if restarting the package would bring in again the examples

    How does it look like?

  • @user2684
    Looks great!

  • @user2684

    I am trying to create a stand-alone local system. I did away with all examples (took some time). Also edited .env. Yesterday it was running OK. Today no Mqtt traffic in both directions.

    Did an update.

    All example stuff was there again.


    Would it be possible to create a way to do handle examples the other way around: standard no examples and when the user requires it the examples are added (after a selection and followed by an update?)

  • @user2684

    The other and I suppose more realistic approach would be to finish the system and when ready than do away with the example stuff.

  • @eporocrail said in Get rid of "examples":

    Did an update.
    All example stuff was there again.

    This should not happen. If EGEOFFREY_CONFIG_ACCEPT_DEFAULTS=0 is set the only thing which makes this setting going away is running "setup" again. Updates and restart should not have an impact. Are you sure EGEOFFREY_CONFIG_ACCEPT_DEFAULTS has been set correctly?

    Still I understand examples are not yet managed smoothly. Let me try to rethink a better approach ( . Unfortunately, since this should be a setting of controller/config and controller/config is supposed to push configurations out, I have no easy way to configure the configurator.

  • @user2684

    I did a clean install on a separate raspi to create an other test system.

    I inserted the test system and did away with the example stuff. Also edited .env.

    Example stuff keeps popping-up.


  • Ok thanks for the feedback, an additional reason to review entirely the process for managing the examples

  • @user2684

    I tried several times to delete a page I created for testing purposes. Deleting via the GUI does not work. Then I tried via advanced editor. After closing the browser and opening again in advanced editor the page was still there.

    I have the same experience with some rules. But it is not consistent. Some things are deleted, other things are not. That relates to example elements as well as to user created elements.

  • Ok, let me keep track with and I'll give it a in depth look during the weekend. Thanks!

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