eGeoffrey App for Android is now available

  • eGeoffrey's users can now fully enjoy a native mobile experience with the eGeoffrey App!

    The App is available on Android and can be downloaded directly from Google Play. Just search for "eGeoffrey" or visit the following link to get it installed:

    The app connects to your existing eGeoffrey gateway so in order to fully enjoy it you would need:

    1. an eGeoffrey instance installed and running somewhere;
    2. the eGeoffrey gateway reachable from the network this device is connected to
    3. valid credentials set up for your house on the gateway
    4. if you want to receive notifications even when this app is in background, the package 'egeoffrey-notification-mobile' installed in your eGeoffrey instance;
    5. the 'notification/mobile' module configured with the device token you can get from the 'About' menu item of the app;

    The iOS version of the App is under testing and will be released soon!

  • Please note, for those using the app, ensure to update at least to v1.0-3 (which has being pushed to Google Play at this time) to ensure notifications will continue to work correctly. This new version ships also with the latest GUI release (with new widgets) and fix an issue with notifications which are now all delivered when the device goes back online and not just the latest.

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