Google Assistant Integration

  • I'm aiming to provide an integration with Google Assistant which is the easiest for me to test, Alexa could follow if there will be interest in this.

    Despite other Home Automation solutions which requires sensors to be very well defined to make the integration working (requiring well defined capabilities, actions, etc.), in eGeoffrey I want to leverage the existing chatbot which is already capable of interacting the user in a free text format. In this way no additional configuration would be required.

    Google provide so-called conversational integrations which are good for this (e.g. "let me talk with eGeoffrey" or "tell eGeoffrey to do something"). Despite there is a lot of complexity behind the scene for authentication/authorization, the end-user flow should be simple: open the Google Home app, search for eGeoffrey integration, at the first interaction provide eGeoffrey's SSO credentials, interact with the chatbot like any other interaction module eGeoffrey provides.

    @eporocrail since you are already heavily testing eGeoffrey, any interest in this?

  • @user2684

    Would be 100% new to me. No experience with Google assistant. I guess that would make me the best candidate for testing.
    Yes, I would like to participate.

  • @eporocrail said in Google Assistant Integration:

    Yes, I would like to participate.

    Thanks! It will still take a while since there are things to do in the backend and the integration has to go eventually through Google before being published but I will let you know once ready. Thanks!

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