Welcome eGeoffrey!

  • After almost a year of continuous development, the first stable release of eGeoffrey is finally available!

    eGeoffrey is a new concept which brings many ideas into one single place; it does some home automation, it keeps you updated on what's going on at home, it alerts you on events, helps you to organize your home duties, you can easily interact with it... and, what's even better, it can acquire new skills over time!

    eGeoffrey is an open source, flexible and extensible framework, which can be used in many ways to fit more demanding people on earth's needs.

    eGeoffrey is made up of different, independent components called "modules". Since they are communicating through a shared message bus, they can live everywhere, in a small Raspberry Pi or in a powerful server. They do not even need to run on the same machine: as far they connect to the same bus and can talk, they just works, in a completely transparent way for the user.

    An eGeoffrey module is packaged and delivered as a Docker container, isolating each component from the others thus bundling applications, tools and required libraries in a portable solution. Don't worry you don't need to know anything about Docker, eGoeffrey's abstracts any complexity of the underlying system!

    eGeoffrey's GUI (with mobile support), can be fully customized by the user and is the easiest and simplest way to configure your eGeoffrey's instance, register new sensors, view your data, control your actuators, configure rules which will trigger one or more notification upon specific conditions.

    eGeoffrey has been thought to be easily extended by any user. Do you need to integrate with a custom weather service not yet supported? Leverage eGeoffrey's SDK to build up even a new complex module in a minutes, without requiring any change to the core code base. Publish your package to the eGeoffrey's Marketplace to allow other users to enjoy your creation!

    Feel free to try eGeoffrey out by visiting https://www.egeoffrey.com, access the online documentation at https://docs.egeoffrey.com, share ideas or ask questions here in the forum (https://forum.egeoffrey.com), collaborate and extend eGoeffrey by visiting our developer portal (https://developer.egeoffrey.com) and Github page (https://github.com/egeoffrey).


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