Make up a shared Shopping List in eGeoffrey

  • Very simple but useful use case to implement with eGeoffrey since there is no additional package to install.

    First of all we need a sensor for storing the shopping list information. Let's go to "House" / "Sensors" and register a new sensor named e.g. shopping_list:

    • In the "Data" tab, select "Tasks" as the format
    • In the "Processing" tab, select "single_value" as the retention policy (we don't need to keep an history of any change applied to the shopping list)

    Let's then display the shopping list by going and creating a new page or re-using an existing one. Add a new widget to the page and select "Tasks" as the widget type. Go to the "Tasks" tab and reference the sensor previously created (shopping_list). Click on "Save".

    An empty shopping list will show up in the page:
    Screenshot 2020-06-29 at 16.23.07.png

    You can now click on the "Add Item" button to add new items in the shopping list. Write down the name of the item (e.g. Milk and optionally associate it to a tag) and press enter.
    Screenshot 2020-06-29 at 16.26.14.png

    Once an item is bought, you can click on the checkbox and it will be moved to "Done" in the bottom of the widget. In this way if and when you need to buy the same after a few days, instead of writing it down once again, just click on the checkbox and it will be moved back to the "To Do" category.
    Screenshot 2020-06-29 at 16.27.38.png

    If you want to permanently delete an item, just over on it with the mouse and click on the delete icon. If you want to edit it, do the same and click on the edit icon.

    Items can be searched by using the input on top of the widget and the order changed by dragging the dots on the left side of each item.

    The same widget can be used as a To Do list or other similar use cases.

    eGeoffrey provides also realtime updates in the widget in case multiple people interact with it from different browser so e.g. if somebody at home is adding a new item, this will be immediately visible to the person doing the shopping.


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