My weather station

  • My weather-station

    The aim of this project is to create a weather-station from scratch.

    Several sensors will be integrated. One of them is of an experimental nature. An other one is self-made. The data of some will be compared to see the differences between the different types of sensor measuring the same quantity.

    The mechanical part is not described here.

    Sensor integration, data transmission, data processing and data presentation are addressed.


    The following sensors are applied:

    BME280 : pressure, humidity and temperature
    TSL2561 : light level
    ML8511 : UV level
    DS18B20 : temperature
    HMC5883: compass for the wind direction
    YL38 : rain start detection
    Tipping bucket rain volume sensor.
    Windsensor Rev. P : a hot wire anemometer with temperature sensor

    They will be combined in one single mechanical construction.

    They are hooked-up to one LOLIN D1 mini. This module contains a microcontroller able to transmit via incorporated WiFi capabilities. Several GPIO and communication protocols are available.

    The following sensors use the I2C protocol and need 3.3V power:
    BME280, TSL2561, HMC5883

    The following sensors provide an analog output and need 3.3V power:
    ML8511, YL38

    The following sensor uses the "one wire" protocol and needs 3.3V power:

    The Windsensor Rev. P has two analog outputs, one for the temperature and one for the windspeed.
    It requires 12V power.

    The tipping bucket works with two simple switching signals of 3.3V.

    All sensors have 3.3V outputs. One requires 12V powers supply, the rest need 3.3V power supply.


    Per sensor quantity it is adjustable which interval between measurements is applied.
    It might happen that values change suddenly. To be able to catch those rapidly changing values also, per quantity an adjustable difference between sensed values is applied to collect and transmit data. This results in a regular update of data per sensor. On a sudden change in value each sensor transmits extra data.


    For data-transmission the MQTT protocol is used. Sensor values are published in each sensor's unique topic.

    Data processing and presentation

    eGeoffrey is used for data processing and presentation.

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