Developing my weather station, Work in Progress

  • When one later on changes the "actuator" to "push" the data on the "configuration" tab are deleted.
    Would be handy if these data would be retained and not deleted.

    Understand but when something is saved, I loose previous configuration so bot something easy to implement as for now 😕

    Surveying the CPU temperature is a good idea.

    Very nice chart! 🙂

    The idea explained above is working. eGeoffrey sends data to the sensor module and the module sends the requested data in return. That means that with the sensor control page from 12 sensors five aspects can be controlled with eGeoffrey.

    Good! Just in case you want to share a screenshot of the page you have built once completed, I'd be really curious 🙂

  • Using the same technic it is also possible to turn all sensors on or off and to switch all sensors from test mode into operations mode. Last but not least the possibility to evoke a reboot of a module is added.


    A sensor module has several sensors.

    Each sensor transmits data with an operational interval. For testing purposes each sensor can transmit data with a test interval. When the quantity measured changes rapidly above a "delta" value extra data is transmitted to catch this kind of rapid strong variations.
    Furthermore the measured value of each sensor can be modified with a positive or negative float value. The aim is to move the curve representing the data of the sensor up and down on the screen.

    The values mentioned above are controlled by eGeoffrey. With eGeoffrey the following aspects of each sensor can be modified:

    • on/off

    • ops/test

    • ops interval

    • test interval

    • delta

    • adjustment value

    When an aspect of a sensor is changed, the value of each aspect is displayed.
    Next to that each sensor can be interrogated to transmit the value of it's aspects.
    All values can be reset to their default values.

    All sensors together of each module can be switched:

    • on/off

    • from ops to test and vice versa

    A module can be rebooted.

  • Some screenshots of the system as it is now:


    On this part of the page one can select a sensor and change the values of the aspects. "kies sensor" is used to select a sensor.

    "bevestig bericht" transmits an acknowledgement. On receipt the changes are performed.


    "opvragen data" facilitates querying a sensor.
    under "data" the value of all aspects are displayed.


    "reset module" enforces resetting the aspects to their default values.
    "totaal" designates the buttons to change settings of all sensors together

  • I like it a lot!

  • Where I have to recreate eGeoffrey for some reasons, I take the opportunity to re-work my documentation to come to a more general approach. I am also going to find out if some ideas which have popped-up along the way to come to a yet more smooth workflow are feasible.

    The documentation will result in a "recipe" for myself to create the weather station in eGeoffrey from scratch.(just in case I would like to change in the future). It will not be a "step-by-step" description. When somebody did follow my "Howto" for a simple working system this recipe will be intelligible enough to come to a working weather station. When my station is operational and I have debugged it I will publish my updated document here.

  • @user2684

    I have some intermediate results which I am already rather satisfied with:


    This is the weather station control page.

    The first screenshot is the part where data to be adapted are inserted

    I succeeded to change the colour of the text from black into blue. I like blue more because results in a more "pleasant" impression of the image.


    This the part of the page where the data sent back by the weather station are displayed.

    Here I do like the green colour because the clear signal of it. Only text from numerical values can be forced to green.

    I did not succeed to change the colour of the fields above the rows on a page.

    In general I would like the possibility to change the colour of the presentation of data from black in user selectable colour.

    Furthermore I would like to have "AAN / UIT" in the green field "can/uit" instead of "0" or "1". I would also prefer "OPS / TEST" for the green field "ops/test" but that does not work yet.

    I posted a different remark about that one.

  • @user2684

    I enjoy working with eGeoffrey.

    I made some more adaptations to the display.
    This is the status at the moment for my display windows:


    With each widget is now a short term to indicate which action is performed with the widget.
    In general in green the feedback off the module on the ordered action is presented.

    By selecting "-1" for the module, the text in the info widget is blanked.

    I like this result already very much!
    Great system!

    Still some "details" to be solved.

  • @user2684

    I think I am getting there!

    Controlling sensors



    Controlling modules


    I think only a few enhancements are left.
    The first of which is the translation from "1" and "0" to other values.
    The second one would be an overview of the possible colours.
    The third one would be to know if it is possible to change the colour of the font of the text of data.

  • Very nice job first of all, in a short time the result is very compelling!

    The first of which is the translation from "1" and "0" to other values.

    Ok let me try to understand better. Is the post processing value not a viable option because you need to use the value somewhere else right? So just a "translation" which should happen in the presentation layer right?

    The second one would be an overview of the possible colours.
    The third one would be to know if it is possible to change the colour of the font of the text of data.

    Here you mean the colour of the row title? or the widget title?

  • @user2684

    Have a look to the row with five green widgets.
    I would like to have the "1" being presented as "ops" and the "0" as "test".
    I solved the issue for the time being with the explanatory text in the widget.

    Furthermore the only black text I could not change until now are the ones you see on the print screen.

    If there is a way for the user to change the colour of the headings of the rows on a page also it would be the cherry on the cake and finish the lay-out.

  • Testing

    During testing of the hardware it turned out that it was not possible to check why a widget did not react. The problem can have different causes. Therefore several parts of a data transfer path need to be checked.
    To support de-bugging this issue plural tests are necessary:

    query each sensor individually with a dummy value in return
    query all sensors simultaneously with a dummy value in return
    blank all sensors simultaneously
    query each sensor individually with a real sensor value in return


    Extra widget before ack to select "settings, dummy, dummy all, blank all, sensor".





    On the module page part "retrieve" the widget "retrieve select" between "sensor select" widget and "acknowledge" widget.

    Next to them the widget "retrieve value".

    Te result:


  • @eporocrail said in My weather station:

    I would like to have the "1" being presented as "ops" and the "0" as "test".

    This seems related to the transform discussion of the other thread right?

    If there is a way for the user to change the colour of the headings of the rows on a page also it would be the cherry on the cake and finish the lay-out.


  • @user2684

    Yes, the transformation is one and the same issue.

    Thanks for taking-up the colour remark.

  • @user2684

    I like to make as much as possible the same.
    Sensor name and sensor topic e.g.
    But this does NOT work with wildcard signs in the name of the sensor.
    Apparently the stuff is saved correctly but a sensor is not created.

    I don't think it is a bug, just something for the user to be aware of.

  • The ESP6288MQTTmesh library seems to have a limit on the outgoing "topic" of 65 characters.

    I have to adapt my topic structure accordingly.

  • The new topic structure is implemented in the software of the sensor module and in eGeoffrey. Adapting eGeoffrey is done with the "advanced editor" mainly. Once you know the conventions, it works like a charm. The first few tests are OK.

    Today the detailed testing is planned. I'm curious which challenges pop up.

  • I have been testing the new GUI. It is working very well!

    Software of the sensor module is now in line with eGeoffrey. Ofcourse several changes were required.
    Detailed end test tomorrow.

  • The test regarding controlling the individual sensors is concluded successfully. Controlling the complete module still has some issues.

  • Issues solved.
    Controlling the weather station is working.

    Put the weather-station on line. Some sensors have to be replaced but for the time being let it run.

  • To give an idea of how the screens are looking now:

    Controlling the weather-station


    Display of local weather data


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