Give eGeoffrey your Google Home Mini voice

  • eGeoffrey can easily integrate with Google Home (or any other Chromecast-enabled device) to notify, out loud, about any notification generated by your rules.

    The configuration is very simple, first of all install the chromecast notification package:

    sudo egeoffrey-cli install egeoffrey-notification-chromecast

    And start the newly installed module:

    sudo egeoffrey-cli start

    If you now go to the eGeoffrey web interface, in "eGeoffrey" / "Modules", you should see a new notification/chromecast module running but not configured yet.

    Click on "Actions" / "Edit Configuration" and fill in the required settings:

    • The IP address of your chromecast device (hostname not supported - ensure also the chromecast device has a static ip)
    • The IP address where eGeoffrey is running in your network. Technically the chromecast device will connect back to eGeoffrey to download the audio file with the notification to play hence it has to know where to connect to:

    Screenshot 2020-06-28 at 17.45.44.png

    In the "Notification Settings" tab you can set more additional parameters specific for this notification channel. For example, if you don't want to get noisy notifications during the night, set the "Mute notifications in the following timeframe" to e.g. "22-07". If you still want during this night time to receive alerts but not info or warning notifications, set "Even if in a muted timeframe, still accept notifications above this severity" to "alert":

    Screenshot 2020-06-28 at 17.49.11.png

    Save the module configuration and test if everything is working by clicking on "Actions" / "Send Notification" and writing down whatever message you want your Google Home device to say. Click on "Ok" and you should hear eGeoffrey's voice!

    From now on, any notification will also be broadcasted also to your Google Home Mini device 🙂

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