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    Using the website of eGeoffrey some issues popped up.

    For the Webinterface it is not clear what kind of data should be inserted. I just skipped it for now. Some clarification on the page would be helpful.

    Entering the user tab, without further action the possibility to add and delete a user is hidden. First "guest" has to be clicked. It would be helpful if the fields were unhidden on accessing the page.

    On the page to insert a user a field is called "Icon*". What is the meaning of this field.
    Next to that it is apparent that all fields are mandatory.
    Are there any fields on the website which are not mandatory?

    On the groups tab there is a button New user. The term "New user" is not clear in the context of "groups". I suggest to change "New user" into "Add user".

    There is the possibility to create new groups. The use is not clear. What can I do with a new group? What is the idea behind this?

  • Thanks good feedback, this make me think despite the interface is feature-rich the documentation is still not enough to make a new user starting smoothly. Will work on it.
    Generally speaking principle is: first you define a "sensor" which can be associated to a service which just stores data. Then you add in the interface a visual representation of it. A step by step guide is needed here I think. Compared to the old myHouse the approach is similar but everything can be configured through the web interface.
    As for User management (another piece of doc is needed for it), the principle is the following: a user is for accessing the web interface (by default there is a guest/no password user and an admin/admin user). The icon is just the icon showing up top left nearby the user. Groups instead are grouping one or multiple users together for allowing admins to hide specific menu items or individual widgets from specific users. You should see a "Authorized groups" setting when configuring a widget or a menu item. By default everybody can access everything.

  • Hi, on the documentation topic, I worked pretty hard to provide more comprehensive information on Far from being finished, would require some nice screenshots and with many pages still missing but I did my best to kind of follow the path you are following in your post in My Projects to provide more insights. Installation and Initial Setup sections are completed, the "Customizing eGeoffrey" one (which is the one are more interested in I guess), still a work in progress, hope to complete in a week or two.
    Thanks again a lot for the hits! I can now better understand what is mainly missing from the documentation point of view for a new user.

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