installing new service

  • I would like to install the "mysensors" service.
    Something went wrong.

    pi@raspberrypi:~/egeoffrey $ sudo egeoffrey-cli install egeoffrey-service-mysensors
    ERROR: Unable to list marketplace items
    pi@raspberrypi:~/egeoffrey $

    Your advice please.

  • I gave it another try.
    It seemed that something happened.

  • Seems like a connection issue, that error is thrown when the cli cannot reach the marketplace repo on github. Ensure internet connection is working of course. Should this happen again try adding a -v switch to the egeoffrey-cli when running the install command to get verbose output. Thanks!

  • I managed to install the service. After consulting your repositories on GitHub I found some useful info.

    But :

    To configure each module included in this package, once started, click on the 'Edit Configuration' button on the 'eGeoffrey Admin' / 'Modules' page of your eGeoffrey instance.

    This info is not clear to me.
    When I access the webpage of eGeoffrey, I do not see the 'eGeoffrey Admin' / 'Modules' page.

    What am I doing wrong?

  • @eporocrail you should login with admin username and admin password to see the "eGeoffrey Admin" menu. If logged in as guest (the "User" tab in the login screen). If already logged in you can log out by clicking on the exit icon in the top left of the screen nearby the username and its icon

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