Migration to Python3

  • As you probably know, python2 which is mainly used all over eGeoffrey will be discontinued.
    Despite this has little to no impact for eGeoffrey being each package delivered as a self-contained Docker image which includes all the required dependencies to ensure it will run consistently no matter what, in the upcoming future more and more supporting tools (like pip, setup-tools, etc.) would drop support for python2, potentially causing issues for developers when re-building their packages.

    For this reason we are planning to make available a SDK version completely written in python3 so to allow whoever is migrating to this python version or new developers to have this option immediately available.
    To avoid conflicts, this will be likely published in its own branch and when most of the developers will have migrated their packages, merged into master as v2.0.

    To prevent forcing developers to migrate, Python2 SDK will always be available as v1.0 and potentially should critical issues be found along the way, backported there. Remember there is a sdk_branch setting starting from egeoffrey-cli v1.0-25 you can set in your manifest file to build against a specific branch (version) of the SDK so if you want to stay in python2, feel free to use it when the new SDK version will be published.

    Of course the existing packages will continue to run indefinitely since already include all the required dependencies.


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