Notes when upgrading egeoffrey-collection-core/raspberrypi to v1.1

  • Due to the latest changes applied to service/image starting from v1.1 which is now based on the raspbian SDK image for meeting new dependencies requirements, the same has been migrated from egeoffrey-collection-core to egeoffrey-collection-raspberrypi, both moved to a v1.1 version.

    If using one or the other, please ensure to manually edit your docker-compose.yml file and move service/image listed under EGEOFFREY_MODULES from egeoffrey-collection-core to egeoffrey-collection-raspberrypi so to ensure the first wont fail and the latter will make the module running.

    No additional changes to any configuration file is needed.

    If NOT using any of the egeoffrey collection packages, no changes are required.

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